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Magento Web Hosting

Making Your Magento Business Easy

Magento is an open-source and free web application for running E-commerce businesses. It provides a system for managing products, customers, orders, and inventory with different features to help you grow your online store business. It also offers integration with various third party services like Google Analytics, UPS Shipping, and vearious payment providers.

  • The variety of tools will allow you to create anything from a simple t-shirt shop to a full-fledged store, with personalised features to cater for each customer.
  • Integrated statistical analysis that tracks all your data and alerts you when something is going well and also when not going so well.
  • Add ons like paypal integration, SEO features and social media marketing will help grow your business even more!

Why You'll Love Using Magento

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Customer Management
  • Easy Order Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • SEO Friendly
  • Simpler Administration

All Our Magento Hosting Plans Include


Instantly install Magento and 300+ other software titles with one click. Need some assistance installing Magento, no problem, we’ll install it for you.


Our CloudLinux technology identifies when a website is using excessive resources. This help to prevent any customer’s website or application from affecting other websites hosted on the same server.


We provide unlimited SSL certificates so you can provide a secure connection between your Magento website and your customers, helping to keep personal, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data safe.

Daily/Hourly Backups

We provide full backups every day providing you with an ideal disaster recovery companion all no extra charge. You can perform full site restores or select certain files only.


Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your Magento website grows. Our custom technology lets you upgrade in just a few clicks.

Samsung SSD/NVMe Drives

Absoloutely no slow speeds here! All of our Magento hosting plans are powered by Enterprise-Grade Samsung SSD or NVMe drives for unbeatable website performance.

Lightning Fast

We use Litespeed Web Servers that bring you the best in leading-edge performance, along with the powerful LSCache solution which are ideal for Magento sites.

Choice of Locations

Host your Magento website(s) closer to your customers. You’re able to choose between our UK, Germany, USA or Singapore data centres for our Magento Hosting during checkout.

Larger Resource Limits

Our Magento hosting plans come with up to 2 CPU Cores and 2GB RAM as standard. That’s plenty of resources to host your Magento e-commerce store.

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