Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

Our Hosted Exchange mailboxes include 250GB of storage, shared calendars, distribution groups and FREE SPAM protection. They're the perfect solution for any growing business.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes for Business

You can’t always stretch your email storage capacity to fit your growing needs when managing our email account, but our hosted exchange mailboxes are a powerful solution that is engineered to scale as you do.

Let’s face it, email is a necessity, but it’s not scalable enough for progressive, forward-minded businesses. Keeping up with the influx of new emails, projects and campaigns is difficult enough without dedicating hours sorting through old messages that take up too much space.

Exchange is a business-mail service that lets all employees send and read business emails from anywhere and on any device at any time. It syncs with your mobile devices and authenticates with web services so you can access your emails anywhere.

QiblaHost offers 250GB of storage capacity per mailbox as standard! You can now use the same account to manage all of your accounts and projects. All our hosted exchange mailboxes comes with free spam protection, distribution groups, email signature and footer templates that are completely free of charge!

Features as Standard


Create, collaborate, and share with 250GB storage as standard, upgradeable to unlimited ay anytime.

Shared Calendars

Bring meetings to life with shared calendars, providing better collaboration between team members.

SPAM Protection

Protect your company’s e-mails with industry leading SPAM protection which we provide free of charge.

Free Signatures

With our Hosted Exchange solution, signatures and footers are included. Another hassle less to worry about.

Ideal Upgrade

A perfect upgrade solution from standard POP3 or IMAP based solution. Suitable for any type of business.

99.999% Uptime

Online all of the time. Leave email worries behind with our hosted exchange solution.